Sunday, March 27, 2011

Floods, Mudslides, & Rain Oh My.

We got about 8 and 1/2 inches of rain in Santa Cruz this last week which doesn't sound like a lot. After seeing that video you realize how much that means. Thursday was crazy, flooding Capitola Village. The San Lorenzo river which is usually about two feet deep was 18 feet deep. I drove past it on Thursday, and I have never seen it that high before. Saturday was equally crazy flooding Capitol again. All that flooding that happened in Capitola is where we use to live on River street.

While driving through town it was chaos with mini mudslides everywhere and trees falling down blocking multiple roads, including Hwy 17. At a red light at one intersection that was flooded I opened my truck door to see how high it was and it was just below the bottom of my door. Another inch and it would have been coming into my truck. It looks like the worse is over. Thursday will be sunny and 80 degrees. I'm ready for Summer to be here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm Pregnant! I just got through my first trimester. I am 14 weeks and 4 days now. Justin and I are so happy that it finally happened. What a great miracle! We have been trying for over two years, and we were trying everything. We started with acupuncture, body basal temperature charting, ovulation tests, better dieting. After a year of this we ran some tests on Justin and we went to our obgyn and started a round of Clomid. Still nothing. After some tests were done it was found that there was some scar tissue blocking the cervix. I did a minor surgery to clear the scar tissue. We went back to the clomid, acupucture, body basal temperature charting, ovulating tests and still no results. It is so hard every month waiting and hoping to see if your pregnant only to be disappointed time and time again.

Since it seemed like nothing was working, I told Justin "That was it. I am done. I just want to relax, breath and not stress about it anymore." So the next day I called my obgyn and told her that I was done with the clomid, and thatI was taking a break from everything. She agreed with me, but she referred Justin and I to a specialist.

So Justin and I went to see our specialist, and our jaws hit the floor when we heard the prices. For 15,000 we would have a 40% chance of getting pregnant. We decided to go for it. We set an appointment two weeks later for Justin.

The night before we went in for Justin's appointment I took a pregnancy test because I was two days late. For the first time it was positive. When I saw that it was positive, I couldn't believe it. My brother in law was just walking by my room and he heard me talking to my self saying "Is this for real? I can't believe it. Noooo could this really be true?"

We ended up still going in for Justin's appointment. As he was getting his blood drawn we found out that his test was going to cost over $1,000. We told the nurse about the home pregnancy test and so they canceled Justin's tests and took my blood, to confirmed that I was pregnant.

Anyways, I was able to get through my first trimester. It was a little tough. I felt sickness hear and there, but only puked once. I was feeling super tired, a little grumpy, and very emotional at times. I also had a hard time with certain foods, and their smells. I just finally started to feel better. Now I am back to my normal routine of working out, eating better and being in a better mood.

We are just so happy with out little peanut now and so excited to meet he/or she in a few months.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Surfing the Tsunami in Santa Cruz

This is right before the 2nd Surge of the Tsunami at Cowells in Santa Cruz around 8:15. I've never seen the ocean sucked out like that before. It pulsed like that every 10 minutes until 2:00p.m. Usually it comes right to the stairs. I Surfed with my buddy Mark from 6-8a.m. at Little Wind n' Sea. When we pulled up to 26th street, there were 3 sheriff cars in the parking lot. The cops told us that the beaches were closed. I already had my wetsuit on and I was thinking 'I didn't wake up at 5:30 for nothing.' We danced around them and paddled out at rockview. The surf was epic with no one out. We could see one guy at 26th and only 3 guys at Sewers. There were tons of people on the cliffs watching for the surge. We figured we would get out if the water receded. In hind sight that plan would not have worked if it was anything thing like the Tsunami that hit Japan. We would have been sucked out and unable to paddle in. We didn't see any of the fotage of what happened to Japan prior to paddling out, other wise we won't have gone. At least I hope that I won't be that stupid. After seeing what happened to Japan my heart and prayers go out to them.