Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sil Goes Undeafeated at the Harbor

Sil and her Partner, Delavane took 1st place this weekend down at the Harbor Beach Open Womens Single A. They went undefeated the whole day!!! Here are some pics of this high flying duo.
Watch out! They will smash it in your face. One girl had "Sparling" tattooed across her forehead from a hard spike.
The Champs! Sil plays in another tournament next Saturday at Main Beach's CBVA. Look out Missy May we are coming for ya.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Miracle on 26th St.

It's a Miracle that Sil and I had F.H.E. and it happened at 26th Ave. My brother Jeff and his girlfriend, Ingin (sp? She is from Norway so I don't know how to spell her name.) were down on Monday so after work we charged over to two-six with the Eyres to watch the sunset, the skimboarders and to roast some marshmellows. Some times I fee like I'm on Perma-Vacation. Jeff just got his mission call to the Dominican Republic. Stoked!There is something about bonfires and bring friends and family closer. Don't you think?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life's a Beach especially at 3 Mile

3 Miles north of Santa Cruz is a Beach called 3 Mile. And guess what the beach a mile up the road is called. That's right 4 Mile. Not the most original names, but it makes them easy to find. Even though you are only 3 miles out of town you feel like you are 30 miles out of town. You don't see houses or buildings, there is tons of wild life, and most the time you are the only ones on the beach.
We joined the Eyre family on a little evening walk/bike/climb/explore/tidepool/jump extravaganza.

I showed Ethan how to stick his finger in the sea anemones to make them close up on his finger and suck on it. Then we squeezed the anemones to have the water squirt out like a water gun.

This is like Jump fest of 83' Inspired by Van Halen "Just Jump"

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Justin is now Reverend McLeod

That's right after last Saturday Justin a.k.a. Reverend McLeod preformed his first wedding ceremony for his life long friend Ryan O'donovan and his beautiful wife Amie. Ryan and Justin met when they were about 5 years old playing on their first baseball team (Dodgers), then landed on the same soccer team (Broncos) and then they landed in the same first-grade class (Mrs. Greenbom). They were destined to be friend, but it wasn't clear how good of friends they would be until Justin's first fight.
"I was six. Ryan and I were at the Pleasanton Sports Park at one of my Dad's softball games. We were playing Racketball tag on the playground when these punk-kids started throwing dirt glods at us." I was P.O. and started yelling at them and getting all up in one kids grill. Next thing I now he threw a right hook, catching me square in the eye. I went down for the count crying face down in the sand. Next thing I know Ryan comes in with a flying upper cut sending that kid to the cheap seats. From that day on I knew that Ryan would always be a true and loyal friend no matter how squirrelly things got. I was 0-1 in fights but 1-0 with best friends. I know that he will be a true and loyal mate to Amie for the rest of his life."

Ryan and Justin now live in Santa Cruz, and see each other at least one a week and more if the surf is good. Justin was deeply honored to be asked to officiate Ryan and Amie's wedding. It took place out side in the quiet rolling Soquel hills. It was an intimate setting with close friends and family. After the ceremony we walked over to the tent for delicious sit down dinner followed by a little dancing and some campfire stories.

Amie and Ryan we think the world of you and are so happy to be apart of your world. You two bless the lives of everyone you come in contact with.