Saturday, February 19, 2011

What these if you want to smile

These are some of my favorite videos on youtube. I watch them when ever I want to feel good. They are created by Devin Graham and you can check out more of his movies on his website. Enjoy

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Justin McLeod Raps about his Saturday

Song Title: Saturday Trifecta: Surf, Skate, Bike

written by Mac J, not to be confused with his little brother J Mac

Woke up quick way before noon
Just knew I had to go surfing soon.
strapped with our 9 point Oh's
Cruizin West Cliff hangin out the windows
Diego Mike was super psyched
Five guys at the Lane that's crazy insane
5 toes over da nose it feels like Indo
Hate to leave waves so legit, but its time to split

My droid starts buzzin
Its Marky Mark my cuzzin
"Lets hit the Ben Lomond Bowl!"
"Say no more I'm sold."
Padded up up from our nose to toes.
Only ones there over thirty years old
black skinny jeans long-haired teen
be checking out my scene
stink-eyeing my Rollerblade wrist guard
I bust a sick grind to show him who's in charge.

It's getting late and I'm sick of my skate
so I rally with my bike posse at Wilder State
My baby's momma be looking so fine
Times 2 when biking from behind
We find the secret Cove where nobody goes
Where the lil' Boyz go bye bye and NayNay be getting high
The sun starts settin so we start headin
Saturday is a special day
times 2 when playin in da Monterey bay