Sunday, February 26, 2012

ISA 5 months loving life

My name is Isa and I turned 5 months the day they took this picture (Feb 23)

I went this Sunday Morning on a walk with my Daddy through the Redwoods on the Sand Trails in Henry Cowells

It was a little cold (42 degrees) as you can tell by my red nose, but I love being outside.  I didn't cry, just laughed a lot at my cousins running on the trail.

Later on that day it warmed up (65 degrees) so after church we hung out in the backyard.

This grass is pretty interesting.  I like grabbing and pulling it out and putting it in my mouth.  Then again I like grabbing anything and putting it in my mouth

At five months now I can arch up like a pro and have being roll over for the past month.  My daddy does a lot of tummy time with me.  He thinks it will help my surfing.

I've been smiling since I was 2 weeks and each week since I've been doing it more and more. Unfortunately, it looks like I got the McLeod double chin when I do.

I can sit up pretty good by myself, but stay close to me cause I usually fall over after 15 seconds
My Daddy was making me laugh so hard right here my belly started to shake.

I love life.  It rocks.