Friday, April 29, 2011

Bambi on our Back Steps

This isn't the best picture, but image how stunned we were when we saw little Bambi just chilling on our back stairs. We could walk right up to her and be a foot away with out it moving. Bambi stayed there for at least 5 hours until her mama came to pick her up at 11pm.
We noticed that our entire garden was cleaned out, and thought that she was sick from eating the tomato plant which is toxic. It can causes vomiting and cardiac problems for cats and dogs. After three hours we decide to call the fish and game department to see if they knew what to do. They just asked us if we want them to come over to euthanize the baby deer. I was like, "What?... NO! we are trying to save Bambi." They gave us the number to Natural Wildlife Rescue. We called them around 9:30pm. The call went to the home of a little old lady that explained that mama deer leave the baby deer by themselves while they foliage for food. They usually return around 10:00pm to get their babies. We were to call her back if the mama didn't return, because there is a chance that coyotes could find her. Low and behold Mama deer returned and they lived happily ever after.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Boy? or Girl? What do you think?

Silvia is now 20 Weeks. We are going in tomorrow to find out if it is a boy or a girl tomorrow. We are petty excited. What do you think it is?

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter

We spent Easter up in Tahoe. Silvia has been in the snow, but this was her first time seeing snow fall. She was pretty psyched about the snowflakes. She finally realized why Americans fold up paper and cut hole in them to make snowflakes.
It snowed all Three days that we were there, scoring some fresh powder on the slopes. Not to many people are thinking about skiing in April so hardly anyone was there. We were getting fresh tracks all day long. Crazy Good.
Here's the little cousins dying their Easter eggs, and here we are doing a little sledding in front of our cabin. Classic.
Family Easter Pictures after church is always a joy with everyone giving their option on where to do it, where is the best light, and how to arrange everyone (a lot of rolling eyes going on).
Over the weekend I just loved watching the little cousins hang out being buddies. They were so excited when they were looking for their Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny hid through out the cabin. And to my surprise there were baskets for the adults too. How does that Bunny do it?
Baby Elle didn't want to have anything to do with me. Every time I would get close she would cling to Matt or April and start crying.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Skyline to Sea Trail 33 Miles

We started the hike at Castle Rock State park at 6:30 a.m. and ended at Wadell State Beach at 7:30 p.m. for a total of 33 miles. The picture on the right is at the start of the hike looking out towards the ocean with fog sitting in the pockets of the foothills
Usually people do this in 3 days, but our church's Young Mens Youth Group decided to do it all in one day. About 23 people started the hike and only about 13 finished the journey. It is mainly down hill which sounds nice, but in reality it is pretty hard on your knees. By mile 15 I started to get major posterior lateral left knee pain and by mile 20 both knee where screaming for me to stop. They didn't stop screaming till I was done.The last 10 miles are the most epic having to hopscotch across streams and duck under fallen moss covered redwoods.
The cool thing about this hike is that you can smell the end. We could smell the salty ocean a mile before we came around this corner (middle picture above) where you got your first glimpse of the pacific (bottom left picture).
This is a most do. If you don't want to do the entire 33 miles, start at Waddell beach and walk up to Berry Creek Falls (7 miles mostly flat) This is the most beautiful part of the hike.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Silvia Doing Crossfit

Silvia has been doing Crossfit consistently for a year now. She has been trying to get me to do it, but I'm not quite ready. On her Birthday I went to her Crossfit gym (off Swift) and watched their work out and after seeing them do the Squat, Clean, and Jerk I know that I'm not ready. Check out Sil do her thing, and remember she is 18 weeks prego

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 Things I Love about Silvia

Happy 30th Silvia

1. I love that where every she goes she makes friends so easily, whether its the lady from DMV that she meet today while renewing her license or the landlord of my clinic who can't stand me but loves Sil.

2. I love that she loves to shake it whether its to the beat of drums in the middle of strangers on a train in Rio or a dance battle between her and me.

3. I love that she knows the lyrics to more American songs than I do and she has only been in America for 5 years. And we aren't talking just recent songs, she knows the 70's 80's and 90's songs

4. I love her smile. It's big, it's beautiful, and its always there.

5. I love how she gets scared so easily. If I pretend that I'm talking to that ghost guy, Jacob from LOST, she'll start freaking out yelling, "Justin that's not funny! Stop that right NOW!.6. I love that she is so clean and organized. One messy person is enough for one household.

7. I love that she is able to look past all my faults and shortcomings and still love me.

8. I love that she is an awesome cook. When she make Brazilian meals just here rice and beans alone are so insanely good.

9. I love to listen to here talk Portuguese with here friends and family. It sounds like she is singing, laughing, and surprised all at once with either a "Nossa"(no way) or "Mayo"(dude) every 5 seconds without fail. If you don't know any Portuguese and want to have a conversation with a Brazilian just say "Nossa" or "Mayo" every now and then and you could be there for a solid hour.

10. I love that even though she doesn't like surfing, she'll go out and charge Cowells on beach days.

11. I love how she is so dedicate to Crossfit. She has gone 3-4 times a week for the last year.

12. I love how after taking self-defense classes for 2 months at I.M.S., there's a good chance she can choke me out if we wrestle.

13. I love how when we go to the beach she knows everyone on the volleyball courts, and everyone is so excited to see her.

14. I love that last Friday she let me go surfing three times and was excited that I went that many times in one day. That might change when the baby gets here.

15. I love that she loves my family as much as I do and she really makes herself apart of their lives.

16. I love that the first time we meet he gave me the biggest hug and was so excited that I made it to the beach house even though she didn't know me. She just makes people feel welcome, wanted, and loved.

17. I love when she pronounces the California state flowers as "Puppies."

18. I love how competitive she is. She never wants to loose a volleyball game even if its a friendly game at the church.

19. I love how she has such a strong faith.

20. I love how she is willing to sacrifice her own time and energy to help others.

21. I love her laugh and how through her eyes you can see pure joy.

22. I love how she puts me in my place when I'm wrong which is pretty often, but then forgets about it 5 minutes later.

23. I love how she says that she is going to speak to me in Portuguese all day so that I can learn it and then 5 mins. later she forgets and is speaking English to me again.

24. I love how she sings in the shower the latest Black Eyed Peas' song.

25. I love how she makes every kiss count.

26. I love how she continues to grow and learn and push herself, like how she is learning a third language.

27. I love how she gets hooked on the most retarded shows on T.V. like the "Flavor of Love" and "American Idol." But I must say American idol is much better this season with their new judges and James Durbin, Pia and Paul McDonald are pretty amazing. They'll be in the top three for sure.

28. I love how she makes me get hooked on the most retarded shows on T.V. I can't believe the Bachelor this season. What a stiff robot.

29. I love how when we hold hands they just fit.

30. I love how when she hugs me I know I am loved.
Happy Dirty Thirty Silvia, Love Lots, J