Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm in Time out For 31 minutes

The follow is a dialogue between my Nephew, Mckay who is 3 years old and me.

Justin: That movie was so stupid!
McKay: Hey you said stupid! When I say stupid I have to go to time out.
Justin: Well, I was trying to say stupendous.
McKay: But you said stupid.
Justin: You're right. I shouldn't have said that, do I need to go to time out?
McKay: Yes. I have to go to time out for 3 minutes because I'm 3. Ethan has to go to time out for 5 minutes cause he's 5. How old are you?
Justin: 31
Mckay: So you have to go in time out for 31 minutes.

I ended up going to my room for 31 minutes for time out. Thank Goodness for wireless internet.

This is McKay walking his bike back up our single track in our backyard. There is a mountain bike movie we watched where all the pro bikers walked their bikes' back up the jump course.