Sunday, May 22, 2011


Epic Ride! Getting crazy on our whips.

We went to Waddell Beach and rode up skyline trail towards Berry Creek falls. Along the way we practiced our ghost riding abilities with a few collisions along the way. We missed the best crash where Ryan was surfing on the handlebars and frame and fell off launching his bike off a small cliff.

Here is Amie (22 weeks) and Silvia (24 weeks) looking cute on their crusiers.
After the ride we stopped by the Swanton Strawberry Farm for some unreal Chocolate covered organic strawberries. Everything you buy is on the honor system so you put the money in the cash box and call it good.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Durbin Day Turns to Durin Year

Let me start by saying I usually hate watching American Idol, but Silvia watches it every season. This year I ended up watching a few episodes and got sucked in. The new judges were a step in the right direction and the talent they had this season was insane. One of the best and our favorite was James Durbin who is from Santa Cruz. Unfortunately, he was voted off last week and didn't make the finally three.
James said on stage last night that he was so emotional when he got voted off because he knew that only the top three get to go home and do a homecoming concert. It wasn't until Friday night right before he went on Leno that he was told that they were going to let him do a homecoming concert at the Beach Boardwalk. Silvia, I, the Erye family and about 30,000 other people crowded the beach to watch Durbin rock it live.

Instead of giving him the key to the city, the mayor a Santa Cruz gave him a surfboard to the city and dedicated for the first time ever, not Durbin Day, or Durbin week, or Durbin month, but Durin year. 2011 is official here in Santa Cruz year of the Durbin

Bonfire at 26th Ave.

Last weekend we had a bonfire at 26th Ave. It's always a blast just sitting around a fire and kicking it while all the little kiddos run around. We made some yummy tin foil dinners and banana boats.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Soooo in case you didn't already know, we are going to have a baby girl. We are super excited. We have a couple of names picked out, but we aren't sure. We want to see her beautiful face first before we decide on anything.Silvia and I have decided not to tell anyone (including family) the names we are considering because everyone has their own opinions. We don't want to hear, "Ohhhh.... really? like that name?" or "ummm yeah I knew a girl with that name in the third grade. She was so mean. I think she ended up in jail." the Name Board is still open for suggestions so if you would like to leave a few names in the comment area we will consider them.We are very excited to meet our little 1/2 Brazilian, 1/8th Japanese, 1/8th Scottish, 1/8th English, 1/16th Danish, 1/16 Irish baby girl.

That makes her a 100% BRAPANTISGLISDARISH. A vary rare bread know to be Beautiful, Intelligent, Thrifty, Proper, Tall, and Lucky.