Sunday, April 29, 2012

7mo. and back from Brazil

I'm a 7 months old now and a world traveler.  I just got back from Brazil and let me just say it was hot there.  I'm not use to that heat.  I was a sweaty mess. I ended up taking two baths a day.  I brought all these cute outfits to wear and I ended up mainly in my diapers all day.  I was so stoked to see my Grandma Maria and my Auntie Jackie.  I haven't seen them since I was 10 days old.
I just wish my Daddy could have come with us, but as least I got to skype with him everyday. When I came home I showed him my two bottom teeth that came in and my new crawling skills.
The first weekend there we had a big churrasco (Brazilian BBQ) where all my mommy's friends came over.  They were all trying to make me laugh, but I may have been a little cruzty from new teeth coming in.  I loved listening to their laughter of past memories fill the hot air as the sizzling Picahna and Linguesse were passed around.
Here I am with Auntie Jackie and Grandma Maria at a restaurant called "Baiao de dois". They serve traditional food from the state of Bahia and boy it smelled good.
So here I'm sitting by this older boy named Paulinho. Let's just say we hit it off and leave it at that.
Me and Grandma playing with Barney
Here I'm with Bellinha and Lulu chillin.  They sang for me and danced for me.  They are quite the performers
It seems like every day there we were at another house having good food and good company.  Here we are at the Sancho's house.

Here I'm playing with Jasmine my 2nd cousin
It was amazing to be in Brazil it was an awesome experience that I wish I wouldn't forget, but I know I will because I am only 7 months. Tchau Brazil I will be back someday!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 Easter In Santa Cruz

This Easter everyone was all over the country from Alabama to Hawaii and from Arizona to Whistler.  We spent Easter in Santa Cruz with the Eyres.
It was a mild Easter with only a few of the cousins together, but none the less it was still fun.
The Easter Bunny hid their baskets and they had to search the house for them and he left Easter eggs throughout the downstairs for them to find.
Ethan, McKay, and Namoi were all fighting over who got to hold Baby Isa in the picture.  So we had to rotate her around.  I wish everyone would fight over me like that.

To My 2nd Favorite Uncle

I just had my Birthday and my favorite birthday card I got was from my niece London. She helped me translate it as; "Justin you are fun. You are great. You are my SECOND FAVORITE uncle." Ohh MAN! I have to step up my uncle game. "Uncle" Matt enjoy this win, because it will be the last. I'll be back on top by next birthday.