Saturday, November 21, 2009

Have you ever peed your pants while talking to someone?

Well, I have. Last week we had a big swell. I did a double surf session on Friday and Saturday. On the Saturday afternoon session I suited up with my buddy Mark and went to indicators (by the Lane) with out checking it. It was all mixed up and so we left to check some other spots. We spent the next 2.5 hours checking spots with our wetsuits on. We finally said we were going to go out at Rio Del Mar no matter what. As we were walking on the beach, I realized that I had forgotten something in my car.

As I was walking back, a lady asked me if I had a cell phone. Her car had died. I was thinking 'Oh man! We have 30 minutes of light left because we have been driving around so much and now I have to help this lady.' I also had to go pee really bad. I had been holding it in for the last hour and half. I needed to jump in the water so I could go to the bathroom. As the lady was talking to AAA, I decided to just go pee in my wetsuit. So as we are standing there talking, I'm peeing in my wetsuit. About a minute later this yellow stream starts slowly dripping out of both of my booties. I shift over and position myself strategically so the yellow stream goes behind me. It was pretty noticeable so I told the lady, "I think there is better reception over here," as I walked her away for the the now yellow puddle. Mark came back because I was taking so long.

"Don't you have jumper cables?" he asked.
"Ummmm oh yeah," I replied. I had to get in my car with pee filled booties and drive over to her car. We set it up and she asked if I would start her car. So obviously she didn't see that I had peed myself and I wasn't about to say, 'No I better not because I'm soaked with pee right.' So I got in and started it right up. As I got out I could see two wet footprints in her car. Nasty!
To make matters worse we both decided that the break was closing out and we wanted to go back to pleasure point. Unfortunately, Mark has peed in his wetsuit too while waiting for me. We put towels on the seats and floor mats and drove another 10 mins back in our pee saturated wetsuits only to get about 20 minutes of day light.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pinicles National Monument

This weekend We took some of the young men from church to Pinnacles National Monument to do some rock climbing. We had a super fun time.Here I am tying Mckay in for his first time climbing 

My brother-in-law Mike and my two nephews Ethan, McKay tagged along with us on our adventure
There were some fun caves that we explored.

Here is Mike and Ethan climbing.  Ethan did pretty good.

Some of the boy found this tarantula.  Apparently, the males are out cruising  looking for some females, but the females haven't come out yet.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


On Nov 6, 2009 in the playoffs #15, Lambert, the unfriendly lion goes Crazy on BYU's Carly Payne. I worked with Carly's Dad in his Chiropractic Office. Talk about a cool family. Carly, way to represent Foothill High, and Pleasanton 1st Ward. Good luck in the conference championship. Go Cougs

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Halloween from the Land of OZ

"Puttum Uuuuup......Puttum Uuuuup"

Picking a costume for Halloween is so hard. You want to be something ordinal and funny, and at the same time doesn't cost a lot of money and time. At first Sil was going to be Micheal Jackson and I was going to be a zombie from Thriller. If your going to do Mike, you got to do it right. We were scared it wasn't going to come out right so we then thought about being Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego. Then all of a sudden a tornado came through Santa Cruz and we got blown into the Brazilian version of Oz.

And for any possible confusion, I'm the Cowardly Lion. I'm not from "Cats"