Thursday, November 3, 2011

Humpback whales are my favorite animal next to Ligers

Silvia and I saw this Photo in our Local newspaper and so yesterday we went out to the Santa Cruz pier to see if they were still around.
Sure enough as we stood at the end of the pier we could see them 200 to 300 yards away jumping out of the water.  It was like they were having a big splash contest.  I believe they are chasing fish and as the fish swim straight up and jump out of the water so do the whales.

Right below the pier were about 30 seals floating and resting there heads on each others bellies.  Then one came swimming up and jumped out of the water in to the middle of them like someone at a concert stage diving into the crowd.

We feel so blessed

It is crazy how much you can love your kid.  It kind of freaks me out.  I'm not use to getting worried about things, but now when she is sleeping I'm like, "Dude she's kind of quiet.  Is she still breathing."  Then I poker her in the stomach to get a grunt.  
On day ten we discovered that she had an inguinal hernia, and on day 12 we found ourselves at Stanford's Children Hospital getting surgery.  Talk about being scared.  Even though it was considered an minor surgery, there isn't really a minor surgery when its your 12-day-old-child.
I am so thankful for the amazing people at Stanford.  We met everyone of the surgical team and the anesthesiologist's team (12 in all).  They shook our hands and looked us in our eyes and said. "We are going to take good care of Isa." They helped us to feel like we were important to them and that we mattered to them. That helped take the edge off knowing that Isa was in caring competent hands.  Needless to say all went well.
Seeing Isa like this brought tears to Silvia
My mom was a great support to us staying with us the entire day and then staying the night with Silvia and Isa.  She just makes you feel like everything will be okay when she is around.
 Now she is five weeks old and we can't stop staring at her. 
 She is hypnotizing with her smiles and here little dimple.

 She looks like a little doll in this picture.