Sunday, June 26, 2011

Memorial Day Sand Surfing

I know its been a few weeks since Memorial Day, but here is a fun video of us trying to catch seagulls and Sand Surfing.

We started the day down at Carmel Beach Soaking up some sunshine and watching the surf. The surf looked pretty fun, but unfortunately we didn't bring any of our wetsuits or boards. That didn't stop me from trunking it. The aqua blue water looked like tropical waters, but it didn't feel like that once I dove in. I started hyperventilating due to the 56 degree water and after a few duck dives I had an ice-cream headache. That may not sound fun, but it sure makes you feel alive. When I got out after 5 minutes my whole body was numb and tingling. It felt like a dentist shot my entire body with Novocain.Then we started to bury one another putting chips and bread on top of our chests. The Seagulls would circle and land on us. I don't know if where trying to catch them or scare them, but non the least it was fun.
We left shortly after and went to the Fort Ord Sand Dunes to do a little Sand Surfing/Sledding. It was pretty epic. After watching the video I was like 'Man, I should have landing that jump,' but when you're doing it the perspective looks different. I was cleaning sand out of my ears for the next two days.