Sunday, November 3, 2013

Periodic Puzzles Challenge

I was going through my dresser which has morphed into a dresser of random stuff we have collected over the years.  Its like a black hole.  We put stuff in that we think we might use at some point in our mortal existence.  As I was looking for something, I was quickly distracted by this 1000 piece puzzle of the Elements of the Periodic Table.
First of all, puzzles annoy me.  Secondly, if you are going to do a puzzle, it would be better if it was an amazing picture of a landscape of something.  Thirdly, it had a price tag of $15.  Not that $15 is a lot of money, but this is a garage sale item that you would be lucky to get rid of.  And here it is adding to the clutter.
My wife loves puzzles and she explained that she was at Costco and it looked fun so she got it.  This turned into a big debate over having to much clutter in the house, to who in the world would think it would be a fun, to me spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on surfboards and bikes without getting any crap about it from her.
Both of us had some valid points, and so I said if by 2015 this is still in the drawer, I would throw it out and we'd agree that it was a waste of money.  However, if she puts it together before then, I would agree that she was right and it was a worth wild purchase.
Two weeks later I come home to it completed. I guess I was wrong and my wife was right.  Story of my life.


Christy and Jason said...

The best thing you can do for each other is realize that some things will not change and accept and love the fact:) Always a work in progress! Your girls are adorable and your house looks so cute and festive!

benae said...

I love puzzles. Your girls are growing so quickly. Hope all is well on the McLeod front.

benae said...

Your girls are growing so quickly! They're sure cute. I hope all is well on the McLeod front.